G. Alonso: Stumbras could be a perfect lift up for my career

March 11, 2019

Gerardo Alonso, who has Spanish nationality, began his career in Mexico, Guadalajara City at several Chivas Youth Affiliate Academies and third division teams, where he spent five years. He played for Mexico Team in U-16 Nations Tournament.

Later, youngster was attracted by the professional football club of the United States of America FC Dallas where he trained together with USA young football star Weston McKennie. At the age of 17 he signed for Necaxa FC where he successfully played on the second division and U20 team for this club. In 2018, Alonso caught the attention of Mexican champions Cruz Azul FC.

His first club in Europe became Spain 3rd division team C.F. Lorca Deportiva where he spent one year and then became a member of Stumbras from Kaunas.

Gerardo, welcome to Stumbras! You already made your debut for the main squad. How was it? Tell us your impressions? 

I am very grateful that Stumbras believed in me, I already felt good with the team, all of them are very good players.

What are your main targets for this season individually and for the team?

I will give my biggest effort to help the team to win. As for my personal I want to improve and tune up my skills with hard work, discipline and give all my heart. I think the team is very good for my career and hopefully a great future awaits for me.

We know that you are a member of Mexican national youth teams? Do you think playing for Stumbras will increase your chances to be called up again?

I was invited to represent the U16 youth team in Mexico and hope to be invited to the U21 team in the near future. That is what I want and I am ready to work hard to achieve this.

Tell us more about your time in Dallas? What famous players you met there?

It was a wonderful experience. I had chance to train with all the stars that were playing at the Dallas club at that time. I met USA football talent Weston McKennie, who is currently playing in the German Bundesliga FC Schalke 04 club. We were training together, it was just amazing and there was something to learn from him.

Do you believe in superstitions? Do you have any rituals before the match?

I am a disciplined player and I try to give myself 100% in every match. I pay great attention to nutrition and keep a strict sleep regime. Like many Mexicans, I am religious, so I never forget to pray and thank God before each match.

What’s your biggest dream of football? Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

My biggest dream is to play in the elite world league and represent my country. After ten years I hope to see myself there. I know I have to work very hard and always keep faith.

Next Stumbras opponent in A lyga will be Riteriai? What do you expect from this match?

I think this will be a very difficult match for both teams. We have to play wisely and take advantage of our opportunities, then we can expect a positive result.

Thank You for your answers!