„I look forward to a very tough match involving two good teams” – J. Martins on Sūduva game

March 30, 2019

This sunday Stumbras Kaunas club will have a chance to test its limits. Current champions of Lithuania Sūduva from Marijampolė is coming to Kaunas to play A lyga round 4 match.

Both clubs have started A lyga journey well enough to be happy with their performances. Stumbras has won two home matches and drew away once, while Sūduva won its three matches against Kauno Žalgiris, Atlantas and Riteriai.

Kaunas club head coach Joao Luis Martins tells that this match for Stumbras may become a great opportunity to check what they are really worth.

„We know that we play against a very strong team, they show it every season. I think this will be a great opportunity to see where we are, because as I have already mentioned, we have started preparing for the season much later than many A lyga clubs.

This game will be a good opportunity to check what we are really worth. Of course, we try to check players’ possibilities not only during the game, but also every day during the practice. We do not want players to feel safe because of their position, and they are constantly fighting. Every day we demand from our footballers that they cross their boundaries, ” – Martins said to fcstumbras.lt.

This will be the 19th meeting of these two clubs in the last four years in Lithuanian highest league. The better winning ratio is on the Sūduva side, but despite that, Stumbras footballers feel confident before the match.

“It’s hard to predict something in football, it’s not easy to surprise your opponent, I think Sūduva is hoping for a good game from Stumbras,” but our projects and players are very different.

On Sunday it will not be easy to surprise your opponents, but we just want to be ready and show everything we can do on that day. I think the surprise should be if Stumbras and Sūduva will look bad in this match, we know that we are more capable in some things, and the rivals surpass us with other components, but we want to find the balance and make this match for Sūduva really difficult.

I look forward to a very tough match involving two good teams which have started well this season, ” – added Stumbras head coach.

Stumbras and Sūduva match will take place this Sunday at 5 PM at NFA stadium.