Lucas Villela: This derby is a matter of life or death

2019 m. gegužės 21 d.

Stumbras and Kaunas Žalgiris will meet in the second Kaunas derby of this season. This A lyga 12th round match will be held on Wednesday, at 6 pm at Kaunas football school stadium.

Stumbras club has not won in a month so this match would be a perfect opportunity finally to earn three points. According to one of Kaunas team leaders of this season, Brazilian Lucas Villela, this Kaunas derby will be very special, because the team needs victory as a fresh air, and if Stumbras looses this fight the team could seriously complicate it’s position in a fight for higher positions.

„The atmosphere in the team is good despite one month without victories and also atmosphere in the Stumbras club is good and this match is a matter of life or death. This game will be very important for a championship and it will more or less decide our future in this year’s championship.

I think the intensity of the match will be quite similar. We have to be very careful with the mistakes, even if mistakes in first derby where not from our side. This game will be all about small details and the team which will make less mistakes, will win the match“, – said Stumbras attacker.

Last A league round Stumbras was defeated by the champions in Marijampolė. Lucas Villela says that this was a match to learn from and to take good things to next game.

„We didn’t completely forgot match against Sūduva because even we lost the match, but we made very good things during the match, especially in the second half. This is the things that we have to take to Kaunas derby. We played good against Sūduva and we should continue playing this way against Kauno Žalgiris“, – added Brasilian.

Tomorrow’s match between two city teams will take place outside of the National Football Academy stadium, as usual this year, but on the natural grass in the stadium of Kaunas football school.

„If I talk about myself, for me it’s way better to play on natural grass, because it feels more comfortable and even it helps our teams style, how we play. It makes our game faster and having ball possession it’s even more better. So I am feeling very comfortable towards tomorrow match and looking forward to it“, – summarized L. Villela.

Who will win the second derby of Kaunas – we will find out this wednesday at 6 pm. Kaunas football school stadium.